Our Work

L'ovraazh di P2WILRC

P2WILRC, along with trusted collaborators, actively consults on a wide variety of language revitalization and reclamation matters for Métis organizations and educational institutions across the Homelands.
Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program

This program, funded in part by Heritage Canada, pairs fluent speakers with motivated adult learners for one-on-one immersion-based learning in the community.

Language Documentation

Community-based Michif speakers and learners are involved in audio, video and print documentation of Michif language, focusing on the needs of language learners.

Language Learning Materials and Digital Resources

Both print (books, handouts, etc.) and digital (online courses, digital dictionaries, etc.) language learning and reference materials are being created based on legacy and new documentation.

University Classes

Members of P2WILRC teach (or co-teach) Southern Michif as sessional instructors at the University of Manitoba and Brandon University.

Community Classes

Members of P2WILRC are involved in both on-line and face-to-face instruction of Métis learners across the homelands and diaspora, and supportive allies across Canada and around the globe.

Language Revitalization Consultation

P2WILRC, along with trusted collaborators, actively consult on varied facets of language revitalization for school divisions and other organizations across the homelands.

Language Advocacy and Activism

P2WILRC advocates for the language revitalization of Michif and other Indigenous languages by addressing a variety of Métis government bodies, the Federal government and international organizations.


About this site

This website is meant to be a space for all learners, speakers, and reclaimers of Michif to come together in appreciation of our languages and to further their language learning. We have gathered some useful resources about Michif languages together on this site, in the hope that these resources can support you in your language learning journey. All the information and tools we feature here are free to use. If you reproduce or share these resources anywhere, please acknowledge Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle. If you have any questions about the site or any of the resources featured here, please get in touch!