La laañg di Michif ta-pashipiikan.

The Michif language will survive.

Elder Grace (Ledoux) Zoldy, Camperville, MB

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Begin learning Southern Michif at your own pace with the free online course, featuring recordings by mother-tongue speakers, and the Michif Talking Dictionary! Kishkeeyihtataak! Let’s learn!


Southern Michif Course

Developed with our partners at 7000 Languages, this free three-part online course is an interactive introduction to Southern Michif. Learn important everyday words and phrases, with a focus on communication and sentence patterns, and hear the language spoken by mother-tongue speakers.


Michif Talking Dictionary

The free online talking dictionary contains recordings and translations of thousands of Southern Michif words, complete with example sentences. This dictionary is based on The Michif Dictionary: Turtle Mountain Chippewa Cree (copyright Turtle Mountain Community College).


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Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle is a non-profit grassroots community organization focused on the revitalization of Southern Michif and other Indigenous languages spoken by the Métis and our kin. Our vision is a world in which our languages, our culture, our ways of living, and our community are strong, vibrant, and celebrated. We believe that the opportunity to revitalize our languages is a gift shared by all of us, and we invite you to join us in this work. Ahkameeyimotaak! (Let’s keep on!)


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