Southern Michif Course

Aapachihtaataak li “Online Course”!

The Southern Michif course was created by P2WILRC in partnership with 7000 Languages. The audio recordings in the course were spoken by Verna DeMontigny, Grace (Ledoux) Zoldy, and Connie Henry and the course was written and edited by Heather Souter and Olivia Sammons.

About the course

This course’s approach to language learning is about:
  • Presenting simple conversations.
  • Providing short exchanges that build vocabulary.
  • Allowing for implicit learning of Michif grammar.
  • Learning to communicate immediately.
  • Acquiring vocabulary.
  • Noticing how the language works.
  • Immediately being able to use the language you have acquired.
  • Being creative in the language and speaking from the heart.